Ibotta – Hot or Not?

I’m a mom of a toddler and also doing my very best to lead a healthy, keto lifestyle. In my efforts to be a fit mom, I was finding my pocketbook becoming increasingly unfit for and incompatible with life. Kids are expensive. Especially if you want them to look cute. The keto life? Some say that it is much easier on their wallets but I think that depends on where you were prior to starting. In our home, proteins and fats were really secondary to veg. More of an option than a staple. So, our spending has seen a significant increase where groceries are concerned. Then along came Ibotta.

Let me say… we tend to eat natural, whole foods. We don’t eat much in the way of packaged goods. That said… if you do? You stand to save even more using Ibotta. (I should add that I am not in any way affiliated with the app. I do not get paid for endorsements… I should, but I don’t… yet).

Here’s how it works. You download the app on the Playstore. There are, of course, bonus cash offers you can get for getting your friends to sign up. Here’s what you do. You sign up and you browse the app for retailers that you frequent. Then, you (before you go to the store) start adding offers/rebates for specific items. There are items that you can get absolutely free using this app.

Here is the hitch. You have to bank $20 in rebates to cash out (through Paypal). Here is the good news. Moms, ketopeeps…they offer huge rebates on keto products, diapering, formula, you name it. These rebates are so significant that you will probably only need to buy 5 or so items to reach your cashout. Here are a few examples:

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So, you go into Walmart and purchase these items. When you get home, you scan the receipt using your phone and the savings are credited to your account. It’s that simple.

I will admit, I am terrible with using it. I often forget to check offers before I shop and miss out on huge deals but, I still manage to save and it’s been a pretty great way to introduce myself to some new keto products that I might otherwise not have tried.

Hot or not? Definitely hot. Even if it’s $10 off my weekly grocery bill, I’ll take it. Definitely worth checking out. Definitely receives the RiotMom seal of approval.

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